Calendars and Latest Paintings

2022 Railroad Art Calendar
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We are really excited about the 2022 Railroad Art Calendar. They feature five new images never published before and they look spectacular! Each calendar is signed and numbered and limited to 50-copies. Order soon before supplies run out.

$14.99 plus $4.25 Shipping and Handling = $19.24 (US only contact us for S&H cost to locations outside of the United States). Use the link below to order a copy.

Latest Paintings
First Acrylic Painting...

Run Eight and Sand is my first painting using an acrylic medium. Acrylics are quite different than anything that I have used before, but I was pleased with the results. The painting visually captures the essence of mountain railroading and the effort that it take to move heavy trains up a steep grade. The brute force of high horsepower locomotives combined with skill in train handling make for quite a sight. I hope that you enjoy my interpretation of a train fighting Belden Hill Northbound out of Binghamton, NY. This is my ninth D&H painting. See D&H RR Gallery for more details.

Latest pastel Painting

Saltillo is my fourth East Broad Top Railroad painting. Nine years ago, when I created my last EBT painting I was saddened to hear that railroad had ended its steam tourist train operations after more that five decades. At time I thought that if the railroad ever began operations again, I would do another painting of this historic railroad. Well this year marked the reopening of the railroad and so I've created this scene to remind us of its past and to suggest what may lie ahead as the railroad rebuilds toward full restoration. See East Broad Top Gallery for more details