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I am frequently asked...about commissioned pieces of art or, in other words, works produced for an individual collector.  On occasion, I have produced commissioned pieces of rail theme paintings.  Prices on commissioned pieces vary and are dependent upon size and complexity.

Typically a commissioned piece begins with a request for a specific subject from the buyer.  This can be as simple as an idea or as detailed as a photograph of the desired subject matter.  Once the subject has been identified, a simple pencil sketch will be drawn depicting the composition and overall orientation of the finished piece. Final payment is due upon receipt and acceptance by the buyer.  If not accepted, a refund will be issued to the buyer  provided that the original is returned undamaged (less any shipping and handling charges and a 10% restocking fee).  The artist retains all rights to the painting, including but not limited to, reproduction of limited edition prints and publication rights.

Commissioned painting for Edward M. Harris:

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